Before your surgery

Before your surgery

It is very important to read your doctors pre-surgery instructions and to follow them. If you have any questions, contact your surgical team.

Do not bring valuables with you to the surgical facility.

Home preparation

Make sure you have food available in your home or hotel. You may be taking pain medication following surgery and you must eat when taking that type of medication. You also may not feel like going out to shop.

It’s helpful to have Gatorade on hand to hydrate post- surgery. Some patients don’t tolerate Gatorade, you need to hydrate – water is always good.

Ask your doctor or surgical team what supplies you will require to begin your recovery after surgery. You may need ice packs, gauze pads, Colace or paper tape.

Liposuction patients need to prepare towels or Chucks to absorb oozing that often occurs after your procedure. This will keep you from staining your bedding. If you do have some bloody staining, it can be removed with hydrogen peroxide.

If you are having an orthopedic surgery, put away any rugs that could be a tripping hazard. You also may want to arrange some of your furniture for easier movement around your home.

Wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure – flat comfortable shoes and an easy pull on pant or skirt. If you are having upper body surgery, wear a button front shirt.

Post- surgery

Make sure to follow your doctor’s post-surgical instructions. Most doctors will give you written instructions before your discharge. A member of the surgical team will usually go over them with you prior to your release. You may be a bit groggy and not recall all the details. Read them over when you get home and contact your doctor with any questions. If something arises that you feel is a problem, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. Some doctors will give you a cell # to call or have a service where you can leave a message and your doctor will get back to you.

You will need to set up a log to record the medications you are prescribed with the recommended dosage and the time that you need to take them. Note each time you take medication.
It’s easy to forget to stay on schedule when you have had anesthesia and are dealing with pain. It is very important to follow the prescribed schedule.

Be kind to yourself, rest and hydrate.