The Discreet Medical Chaperone is a bonded and fully insured medical escort and postsurgical assistance service providing assistance to patients undergoing ambulatory procedures, medical treatments, or physicians’ appointments.

By New York State law, patients who have had anesthesia cannot leave a medical facility without an escort. Friends or relatives may not be available. Other patients value their privacy and prefer not to disclose their medical information to family and friends. The Discreet Medical Chaperone will arrange for patients to be accompanied, with great care, to their home or hotel following medical procedures, and ensure that they have what they need for a safe and comfortable recovery.

Chaperones pick up patients at an appointed time after an ambulatory procedure, arrange transportation by taxi/car service and escort them home or to their hotel. When necessary, chaperones fill prescriptions and pick up food or over-the-counter medical supplies. Our chaperones provide white glove service when it is needed most.

Prior to your procedure

While medical escorts are required only after a procedure, our chaperones are also available beforehand. Anticipating procedures can be stressful, particularly when patients are facing surgery alone or for the first time. Our chaperones will escort patients to medical facilities or meet them at the facility prior to their procedure. They will remain as long as needed. If requested, we contact friends or family members when the patient is out of surgery. We make sure patients requiring a hospital stay are settled safely in their rooms.

Follow up appointments

Chaperones may also accompany patients to follow-up physicians’ appointments. Some physicians require a follow up visit a day or two following surgery. Patients may not feel confident going alone. We are available to provide an escort to and from the doctor’s office.

Hospital discharge

We will arrange to pick up a patient after a hospital stay. Our chaperone will sign the patient out, accompany them home or to their hotel and make sure they have what they need to begin their recovery.


Our chaperones are also available to escort patients who are having chemotherapy, radiation treatments, dialysis or physical therapy. The chaperone will escort them to the facility, stay with them during the treatment and take them safely home.

Out of town patients

The Discreet Medical Chaperone caters to local, national and international patients. Escorts are available to collect patients who need assistance from the airport and help them get comfortably settled in their hotel room. We will also provide an escort to the airport after a surgery or medical treatment.

Out of town family members

Friends or family members residing out of town may be concerned about a person living alone in the tri-state area who is having an ambulatory procedure or medical treatment without local support. Our chaperones are not relatives or medical professionals, but they can fill in, providing care, companionship and assistance during a difficult time. When you can’t be there, we are.