How much does your service cost?

Our fee is $46 per hour, with a 2 hour or $92 minimum for service in Manhattan. For service in Manhattan below 14th Street and above 100th Street, the patient pays for the round trip transportation of the chaperone from midtown. There is a $46 surcharge to the outer boroughs.

The fee for service to New Jersey, Connecticut and anywhere outside New York City will be quoted on a case by case basis.

The weekend and holiday rate is $56 per hour with a $112 minimum.

How much notice do I need to make an appointment for service?

We suggest you make an appointment for your chaperone service when you make the appointment for your procedure. However we do our best to accommodate you whenever you contact us.

Do you provide service outside New York City?

Yes, we service the tri state area. Prices are quoted based on the location of the facility and the address of destination following release.

Do you provide transportation?

We transport patients by taxi, car service or Uber and Lyft. Patients are responsible for the cost of transportation from the medical facility to their destination following release.

I am from out of town and have to travel by plane to my home. Can someone help me get to the airport?

We will assist you in arranging transportation and will accompany you to the airport or train station. We will help you check in and if you are traveling to an airport, we will make sure you get the assistance you need to get to the gate.

I am from out of town and having a procedure in Manhattan. Can someone escort me to my hotel and make sure I have food and the supplies I need?

Our chaperone will stay, if needed, with you until you feel comfortable being alone. She will pick up food items or over the counter medical supplies as needed.