Rate Information

Rate Information

The fee for service in Manhattan weekdays from 14th Street up to 100th Street and from the eastside across to the westside is $46 with a 2 hour or $92 minimum. The fee for service in Manhattan weekends, holidays and weekdays after 8:00pm is $56 per hour with a 2 hour or $112 minimum.
The patient is responsible for the taxi/carfare to their destination after discharge.

The fee for service in the Tristate area, the outer boroughs and Manhattan below 14th Street and above 100th Street will be charged on a case by case basis depending on the address of the facility where the procedure is scheduled and the destination of the patient after discharge.
If the patient’s destination following discharge is below 14th Street or above 100th Street in Manhattan, the outer boroughs or anywhere in the tristate area, the patient is responsible for the carfare to their destination after discharge and the carfare for the chaperone to return to Manhattan.

Payment is due upon completion the day of your service by cash, personal check or credit card. If you choose to use a credit card, there is a 5% fee.

We are a private service and do not accept insurance.

We do not accept responsibility for personal belongings and urge patients to leave all valuables at home prior to their procedure.

Cancellation policy:

If service is cancelled by the patient less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled procedure, there is a 50% cancellation fee.