I manage a busy urological surgery office and one of our patients found The Discreet Medical Chaperone’s services online. I saved the information for future use because we have quite a few patients who have had medical procedures that live by themselves and it is difficult for them to find a medical escort. Sure enough, The Discreet Medical Chaperone has been on top of our list to contact every time we ran into an issue where the patient does not have anyone to take care of them or pick them up after their procedure.

Christine is sweet and caring. After 2 years we have yet to get a complaint from any of our patients regarding The Discreet Medical Chaperone. They are very flexible and try their best to make sure that a medical escort is available even if we call them the last minute. I highly recommend The Discreet Medical Chaperone’s services to our patients, especially those who travel to NY from out of the state or country and for those who live on their own.

J. R. – New York, NY

I have had the pleasure of referring The Discreet Medical Chaperone service to surgical patients following their procedures. The chaperones are professional, kind and caring people – the kind you would want with you following surgery. Thank you, The Discreet Medical Chaperone, for providing my patients with such excellent aftercare.

R. P. Surgical Nurse – New York, NY

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your care after my operation. I felt so safe, secure and well looked after. I’m convinced that 50% of my healing took place under your watchful eye. I was completely out of it, so I remember only bits and pieces, but what I do remember makes me smile! Like when you told those cleaners outside the door to quiet down – I loved that!!! Also, you were very quick to react when I told you about my rapid heartbeat and immediately called the doctor. When you scolded me for not following the Dr.’s orders – your voice resonated in my head for several days and kept me on the straight and narrow with my healing. So a huge thank you.

M. L. Hong Kong

The hospital required that I have someone take me home after a short stay. I didn’t have anyone available to pick me up, fill my prescriptions and help me get settled in. I love The Discreet Medical Chaperone. They were magnificent! I felt like I had a member of my own family with me. Just when I was at my most vulnerable, I had a kind, compassionate person available. What a great service!

L. M. New York, N.Y.

I had the good fortune to have been recommended to Christine by my surgeon’s office for overnight care following a surgical procedure. I cannot say enough about the fine care, professionalism and kindness that the chaperone provided during this time. She met my husband and me at the surgery center, returned with us to the hotel and then took care of me overnight following the instructions of my doctor, making sure I was constantly hydrated, ordering food, keeping records of the medications I was taking and generally making sure I was safe. Having her with me took the burden of care off my husband, allowing him to leave for the night, knowing I would be well taken care by someone with knowledge and expertise in this area. Additionally, the chaperone was great company providing a completely relaxed atmosphere for this difficult first day post-op. Knowing beforehand that I would have good care allowed me to go into this procedure with less anxiety. The chaperone’s confidence, terrific care and kindness, contributed to a great beginning to my healing and wellness. I would highly recommend this service for anyone needing the services they provide.

L.R. Westchester, N.Y.

I wanted to write to you to tell you how grateful I was to know that you could pick me up from my recent colonoscopy procedure.
Since the doctors won’t release you without a qualified person to pick you up and escort you home I was in a spot as my family lives out west and I hated to ask a friend to take time off from work to pick me up.
But then the doctor told me about your service and I was so relieved to know that I could reserve one of your team to pick me up after the procedure. I felt much better knowing that there was an experienced and qualified person to assist with the discharge details and help me get home in the cab and upstairs.
Thank you so much for your kind attention to everything and I am happy to know you now for the next time!

S.C. New York N.Y.

Thank you for making the arrangements for my escort last week. So seamless and efficient and to say what a great service it is you offer – it fills a real need and the escort you sent was wonderful too.


The Discreet Medical Chaperone and their services are the greatest. I traveled to New York for elective ambulatory surgery and needed to engage a chaperone to assist me on the day of surgery. My query e-mail was answered quickly and professionally, and my scheduled chaperone was early and arrived at the surgical center before I did. Post surgery, my chaperone was a true pro, got me in a cab, settled at my hotel, and even ran out to pick up some supplies from the store that I’d neglected to purchase the night before. The Discreet Medical Chaperone is “the real deal” and has earned my respect and highest recommendation.

B.A. Chicago ,Ill.

The Discreet Medical Chaperone escorted me and stayed with me while I had my chemotherapy treatment. We talked and laughed, which helped me keep my mind off what was going on. When I was nauseated and sick, she rushed to bring the Dr. I never could have survived without her.

H.A. New York, N.Y.

On four separate occasions within the past year, the Discreet Chaperone has taken me to and from physicians’ appointments and surgical procedures when I needed a reliable escort. The chaperone provided services with the utmost concern, care and reliability in situations where, at times, I felt nervous, ill, in pain and vulnerable. The chaperone handled me with the utmost respect and dignity, allowing me a terrific sense of ease, relief and confidence in an uncomfortable, yet necessary, situation. Without hesitation, I recommend the Discreet Chaperone service and will call on them again for myself, my family and friends.

D. N. New Jersey

It’s not just that your service is so completely wonderful, but that the people whom you employ are such total delights. Thank you very much and be well.


I used this service following my facelift. Thank heaven I did. When I was groggy from the pain killers and was sleeping, I would never have been able to ice regularly as ordered by the doctor to keep the swelling down or managed my medicines. Thank you for making it a pleasant experience.

C.A. Boca Raton, Fla.

The Discreet Chaperone came to the doctor’s office, waited while I completed the paperwork, and arranged for transportation directly to my home. I was nervous about being alone at first, so they agreed to stay with me until I was comfortable on my own. The chaperone was caring and professional. I had complete confidence in her discretion and professionalism. I would highly recommend this service.

L.G. New York, N.Y.

Thank you Robin for pairing me up with Stacey for my recent surgical procedure. I hope you’ll share with her and add this to your testimonial page ~ if you remember, I have worked for many years as a Birth and Postpartum Doula emotionally supporting and advocating for women during childbirth and my dear doula friend was unable to pick me up from a surgical procedure, and had heard about your services via rave reviews on the UWS on-line network. My concern was not knowing who my chaperone would be and would they be as skilled as a doula or care provider ~ this was my first time as a patient, on the other side so to speak!
ALL of my fears and pre- procedure afternoons were immediately put at ease once Stacey and I connected via Robin. I felt an immediate connection and knew she was exactly the right match for me. I was able to tick off the box of “who would be there?! and how would they know when to pick me up?” I was unable to text her as soon as I got to recovery .. my phone was under the bed and I was too groggy to update her. No need to worry! Stacey was a professional and knew exactly to check in with my post -surgical recovery area how I was managing and in spite of my procedure starting much earlier in the day than I had shared .. She arrived exactly on time and greeted my bedside! She helped me get dressed and advocated for me by making sure I understood all my discharge instructions, (like a Mama Bear)! We took a car service to my Pharmacy and she gathered my Rx;s plus some other provisions I asked for and went back to my apartment with me. We spent some time sitting on my stoop per my request, for some fresh air and sunshine before heading up a brief flight up stairs. She carried all my bags and reminded me to “take one step at a time” as I was over eager to see my sweet fur babies (dog and a cat). I was actually sad to say goodbye. Stacey was my TRUE BLUE friend that day and I have not hesitated to share with my medical recovery team and multiple friends ~ and will definitely without hesitation be using Discreet Chaperone for all and any future medical procedures (even if my doula friend offers her help)!
Thank you from the bottom of my mended heart!

Devi NYC